I have a very broad and relevant operational experience in various sectors. In my career with new challenges and tasks in rapidly changing business environments, were the implementation of "continious improvement”, the interest to motivate constantly human resources and the building of more efficient organizational structures, my motives for growth and well-being.

In their growth and their change projects, many CEOs and their management need additional advice and empowerment. Fitting new projects in their busy operating schedule is not obvious. The external advice, the helicopter view and the guidance by the interim and project manager, are very valuable. I like to help your organization




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Management and organizational advice

Through analysis, advice and support strengthen the management team.

ERP analysis

Functional analysis and support in implementing new systems

Project & Interim Management

Process analysis and implementation of well defined projects

Continuous improvement

Encouraging 'continuous improvement' leads to greater simplicity and transparency and targeted actions.

Supply chain management

Coordination and integration of all streams of information, resources and finances in the process and the cooperations of the supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Change & crisis management

Focus back to its core business - coaching of 'change’ processes

Stress / Burn out coaching

Review your organization and individual coaching at burn out.

“Continuous improvement with involvement of all employees is the key factor for successful enterprise”

- Chris Goethals -