Management and organizational advice

Through analysis, advice and support strengthen the management team.

  • Screening, analyzing and streamlining business processes and organizations
  • Operational auditing - Operations Management - Supply Chain Management
  • Guidance on changes in strategy, structure and culture
  • Supervision of projects and transition processes
  • Optimization of information flows
  • Build up reporting systems & business analysis - "knowledge is power" - KPI reports
  • Management and business support

Operational excellence is much more than the implementation of a number of methods in the workplace and make available a number of tools and resources - the directors and management have set an example and be continuously inspiring to the entire organization.

ERP analysis

Functional analysis and support in implementing new systems

Project & Interim Management

Bring new dynamic, helicopter view, focus and objectivity in your organization

  • Process analysis, monitoring and implementation of defined projects.
  • Optimize projects within administration, purchase or sale, logistics, planning, production, distribution ...
  • Operations & Business Intelligence
  • Investment projects and process flow optimization
  • Defining business KPIs.
  • Process analysis
  • Budget format and follow-up

Continuous improvement

Encouraging 'continuous improvement' leads to greater simplicity and transparency and targeted actions.

  • Lean management is always a part of your business and your organization. This is an awareness of all your employees to find a good and workable balance in 'just in time' actions for a better transparent and correct communication and the necessary resources (capital)
  • Triggering of all your employees to learn to be open to adjustment and change, is a stimulus for more motivation, more success and well-being. The management has to show sufficient transparency, clarity and initiative for innovation. Only then will change will be accepted as a basic necessity, an attitude, an added value, a talent.

Encourage your management in coaching continuous improvement and agility in your organization.

Measure progress, communicate well and encourage success … those are the best incentives for 'continuous improvement'.  Growing together makes the team always better.

Supply chain management

Coordination and integration of all streams of information, resources and finances in the  process and the cooperations of the supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer.

Change & crisis management

Focus back to its core business - coaching of 'change’ processes       

  • Document AS-IS and TO-BE processes
  • Defining business requirements.
  • Analysis, diagnosis, (re-) design and implementation of changes to operational excellence

Great breakthrough or change projects only succeed if every employee can work as an expert within its own perimeter to achieve small improvement actions with his skills of commitment, inspiration, coaching and training.

Stress / Burn out coaching

Individual coaching at Burn out.

Lean management in your organization and commitment of your employees are important resting anchors for a new dynamism and prevention of 'burn out'

Each organization and / or relationship is only successful if every team member can be proud of the improvement actions of his / her colleagues.

  • Acknowledging weaknesses, identifying latent frustrations in the organization that triggers negative energy. They are silent ballast and they influences negatively the efficiency of the company
  • Creativity and stimulate dynamics for the well-being of your team.
  • Define always clear goals and tasks
  • A clear structure of your organization can be the best incentive for growth and prevention of Burn Out.

A continuous overload of negative incentives and experiences develop chronic stress. Continuing chronic stress can lead to an energy crash and / or a burn out.